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Private Water Supply Consultancy & Design

HighWater is able to assist with designing new private water supply systems. We regularly provide options assessments and system design reports in support of planning applications, where a new house requires a private water supply. We can also assess the adequacy of existing water supply and treatment arrangements in relation to house conveyancing.

Government Grants

On behalf of the Scottish Government, each Scottish Local Authority operates a grant scheme to provide householders with up to £800 of non-means tested funding to assist with upgrading water supplies and installing suitable water treatment equipment. Additional grants are available in cases of hardship. Please contact HighWater for more information about your potential eligibility for applying for an improvement grant, or for assistance in completing the grant application.

At present, there are no grants available in England.

Planning Applications

If you are planning to build a house that requires a private water supply, it’s likely that your local planning department will require you to submit a report prepared by an independent, suitably qualified consultant to provide an assessment of the proposed water supply arrangements. In particular, the assessment needs to demonstrate that the supply can provide sufficient water to meet the daily demand, that it will be reliable, and that water quality is or can be treated to comply with regulatory requirements, and further, that the additional demand will not adversely affect existing users of the supply. Please contact HighWater if you require an assessment of a proposed water supply in relation to a planning application.

Abstarction Applications

In Scotland, the licencing regime governing abstractions of water from the natural environment in Scotland is defined in the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 (as amended). For abstractions of more than 10m3/day, it is necessary to either register the abstraction or to apply for a Simple or Complex licence depending on the anticipated level of abstraction.

In England, it is permitted to abstract up to 20m3/day (this is governed by the Water Act 2003, Section 6 'Rights to Abstract Small Quantities'), thereafter a licence must be obtained from the Environment Agency.

HighWater is able to manage the process of applying for a Registration or Licence on your behalf.

House Sale – Water Supply Assessments

If you are selling or buying a house, it is important that you understand the adequacy of the existing private water supply arrangements. This is particularly the case for purchasers where a mortgage company is involved. HighWater can undertake an assessment of water supplies, including sample collection and analysis by an accredited laboratory. The results of the assessment are provided in a written report which will detail any deficiencies with the water supply arrangements together with providing cost estimates for addressing any problems identified.

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