Private Water Supplies for Rural Estates.

Many rural and sporting estates have existing private water supplies sourced from streams or lochs that serve multiple properties, including lodges, game larders, estate-owned properties and privately-owned properties. In addition to the water quality problems that are typical of surface water supplies, the infrastructure may often be outdated, and there may be leaks.

HighWater provides a phased approach to modernising water supplies of this nature.

Stage 1: Water usage monitoring and fixing leaks

The first step is to undertake water usage monitoring to establish whether there are any baseline leaks. The water usage monitoring will also provide typical and peak water usage data.

If leaks are identified, we use specialist subcontractors to assist with leak location. Once all leaks have been repaired, which may entail replacing outdated pipework infrastructure, we move onto finalising the design for upgrading other components of the water supply infrastructure.

Stage 2: Site survey for new water supply

We then undertake thorough site surveys to ascertain the most suitable source for a new water supply to replace the existing surface water source. If no natural springs are available, it is usually necessary to install a borehole water well. The location for the borehole (or multiple boreholes if it is a large estate with high demand) is usually largely influenced by practical considerations, but geological criteria are also considered if appropriate.

Stage 3: Installation of new supply

Having drilled the borehole, we install all of the pump control, water treatment and upgraded water storage equipment that may be required to ensure that the estate properties are provided with a reliable water supply compliant with water quality regulations. If required, we would integrate the original surface water supply into the final arrangements, to provide back-up.

We usually install warning systems to provide notice of technical problems or low water levels. These can consist of simple beacons mounted in visible locations, more complicated text-messaging, or internet-enabled systems.

If required, depending on the total daily volume abstracted, we will apply for and obtain the necessary abstraction registration/license from the relevant authority on behalf of our clients.

Stage 4: Training and servicing

We provide detailed User Manuals and User Training in order that Estate staff can undertake day-to-day maintenance and checking of systems. We can provide ongoing support to provide prompt response in the event of breakdown, and our servicing engineers can undertake all necessary routine maintenance works if required.

Estates we've worked with

HighWater work for many rural and sporting estates, including:

  • Corrour Estate, near Fort William
  • Reay Forest Estate, Sutherland
  • Ben Alder Estate, near Dalwhinnie
  • Corriemulzie Estate, near Bonar Bridge
  • Alladale Estate, near Bonar Bridge
  • Tarland Estate, near Alford
  • Ben More Estate, near Ullapool
  • Glen Canisp Estate, near Lochinver
  • Scone Estate, near Perth
  • Hunthill Estate, near Brechin
  • Ardfin Estate, Isle of Jura
  • Glen Almond Estate, near Perth
  • Cawdor Estate, near Nairn
  • Nairnside Estate, near Inverness
  • Logie Estate, near Nairn
  • Altyre Estate, near Forres,
  • Dunphail Estate, near Nairn
  • Coulmony Estate, near Nairn.

Case Studies

Glenalmond Estate, near Creiff

Bell Ingram contacted HighWater on behalf of Glenalmond Estate to ask for assistance with investigating options for over-coming persistent water quality issues with their existing surface water supply. Having evaluated the options it was concluded that the best course of action was to establish a borehole water well and integrate this into the existing storage and distribution arrangements. HighWater worked alongside the estate’s existing groundworks contractor to complete the installation works, including the construction of a water plant room over the borehole to house the borehole headworks and the necessary water treatment equipment. The new borehole supply was commissioned within 2 weeks of receiving water quality results for the newly drilled borehole. The flow meter installed by HighWater to monitor water usage soon made it apparent that there was a leak from the existing infrastructure and that more water was being pumped from the borehole than was necessary. The leak was ultimately located and repaired and since then then the new supply has been working reliably with much improved water quality.

Bruce Stephens, Director, Bell Ingram

Having used HighWater for the installation of a new borehole and treatment plant at Glenalmond, we found them to be very professional and pro-active in coming up with solutions not just for the borehole but for the marrying of it with the existing water distribution network

Nairnside Estate, near Inverness

Savills contacted HighWater to request assistance with understanding and resolving problems with the spring supply serving approximately eight estate-owned and privately-owned properties. Numerous previous attempts by other contractors to resolve the problems had been unsuccessful. In the first instance HighWater delivered bowsers of water to overcome the immediate water shortage crisis. We then undertook a survey of the infrastructure and located a leak which was causing the system to airlock. Even having fixed this problem the unusually dry weather meant that the flow rate from the spring was not sufficient. HighWater assisted Savills evaluating whether it would be more cost-effective and quicker to connect to the Scottish Water main or to establish a new reliable private water supply in the form of a borehole water well. This analysis established that, as well as taking considerably longer, connecting to the Scottish Water main was going to cost approximately 3 times more than establishing a borehole supply. HighWater were engaged to establish a borehole water well which was drilled, installed and commissioned within 5 weeks. HighWater managed the entire project from start to finish, including all electrical and groundworks subcontractors and the application to SSE for the provision of a dedicated powered supply to the new borehole plant room

Noreen Lambert, Associate, Savills

I must thank you all at Highwater for the excellent job you have done for us at Nairnside. You assisted us with what were not insurmountable issues with the existing supply and went out of your way to help when there was no water. Your installation process for the borehole has gone exactly to plan and the workmanship has been faultless. On my visits to the individual tenants yesterday, they all commented on how courteous the Highwater team were that were on site working.

Ballachar Estate, Loch Ruthven, near Inverness

HighWater were contacted by the owners of the estate following numerous problems with the existing spring supply drying up during the summer months. A thorough site survey was undertaken to determine whether there were any other springs sources that could be utilised but none were located. The decision was therefore made to establish a borehole water well and integrate this into the existing storage and distribution arrangements. It was important that this project was completed as quickly as possible because the existing supply had failed completely, and the properties were occupied. The new supply was commissioned within 5 weeks of starting the borehole drilling works. As part of the project the exiting water treatment equipment was modernised.

The Amies Family, Ruthven

We would like to record our gratitude to all at HighWater for the professional, courteous and efficient way in which you advised us on creation of a new borehole for our water supply.

From the first meeting your team was professional and reliable. Going the extra mile to help us with temporary water to cover our short-term water shortage until the new borehole was operational.

Throughout the process the Highwater team were happy to take extra time to explain each stage and every member of staff worked hard to problem solve the inevitable practical challenges through to a very successful conclusion.

We have every confidence in the Highwater team and recommend their services wholeheartedly.

Private Client

"The water is great. What a difference!

Thanks for your help and attention. Your guys are great to work with."