HighWater has designed, installed and continues to maintain over 1,000 private water supplies that serve one or more properties. The sources for these will usually be either natural springs or boreholes, also known as water wells; occasionally, if neither of these is an option, we use a shallow dug well, loch or stream. We aim to design cost effective, reliable water supplies providing potable water compliant with current regulations*.

We install private water supplies for new properties. In these situations, we usually try to assist the building contractor by installing temporary water supply arrangements that facilitate the house-build process, as well as often providing a potable supply for site personnel.

We also upgrade sub-standard water supplies for existing properties. Here, it might be a case of installing appropriate equipment for improving either the supply pressure or the water quality, or it may entail establishing an entirely new source for the water supply if the existing supply has failed (i.e. dried up), or water quality is highly variable and unreliable.

In situations where a single supply serves multiple properties under different ownership we have installed water and electricity meters that enable apportionment of costs.

*Water Intended for Human Consumption (Private Supplies) (Scotland) Regulations 2017

Case Studies

Borehole Water Well in Nethybridge

We were contacted by long-standing clients whose existing spring supply, which was rising from the tail race of an abandoned and unstable mill, was becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous to maintain. Following detailed planning and design meetings a borehole water well was drilled and a sustainable yield of high-quality water obtained. The borehole installation works were completed in a sensitive manner taking account of aesthetic considerations, particularly in relation to the borehole headworks chamber which was constructed in the form of a traditional dug well.

Ken and Miranda MacMillan

HighWater have advised, installed and maintained our water supply for over 15 years. They were the company of choice when it became necessary to install a borehole at the end of 2018. This was done efficiently and speedily by a competent and friendly team who completed the groundworks, drilling and installation with the minimum of upheaval. For us it was a rather daunting undertaking, but the HighWater team took their time to explain what was happening at every step of the way to a successful completion. We are more than pleased with our new water supply and wish we had it done years ago. Thank you HighWater.

Borehole Supply, Whitebridge, near Inverness

We were contacted by the owner of a single property near Whitebridge who was fed up with the existing water supply because of poor quality, coloured water which usually failed Highland Council’s annual water quality sample checks. We undertook a survey of both the land within the boundary of his site and of neighbouring land but were not able to locate any natural spring sources. We also established that the nearest Scottish Water main was five kilometres away, so it would be prohibitively expensive to connect to this. The only option was to attempt to establish a borehole water well. The size of the house site limited our options for the location of a borehole that complied with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency’s guidance, regarding ensuring sufficient separation from the property’s private septic tank and associated soakaway. The borehole was successful, with a high sustainable yield (i.e. flow rate) of groundwater encountered at a relatively shallow depth. An insulated timber shed, secured to a poured concrete base, was constructed to protect the borehole headworks and house the required borehole pump control and water treatment equipment.

Hugh Goldsmith
Music Executive and Producer

I wish every service supplier could be as fantastic as the HighWater team!

Borehole supply for a new house, Isle of Skye

We were contacted by a couple seeking to investigate the options for establishing a completely new water supply for a house site they had bought on the Isle of Skye. Initially we undertook a survey of their site and of neighbouring land, from which they had rights to draw a water supply from available spring sources. Ultimately, they chose a water supply sourced from their own land so they did not have to establish formal servitudes and rights of access with the neighbouring landowners. At an early stage of the house-build, they engaged HighWater to drill a borehole water well which proved to be very successful, offering an ample supply of water. This enabled us to install a temporary borehole pump and pump control system in order to provide their builder with a supply of “building water”. Once the house-build was nearing completion we returned to site to complete the final installation of the borehole supply, including the water treatment equipment necessary for ensuring that the water supply was compliant with regulatory requirements.

Private Client
Isle of Skye

We were all impressed by the work-rate and perseverance in the adverse weather conditions with constant good humour. Even the digger driver (who is not one to dole out praise) was astonished at how much they achieved in the conditions and the time they were here and expressed his admiration.

We are delighted with the installation. It's so good to have our own supply and not worry about breakdowns in the old system.

Thanks for your advice in the first place and then carrying out a very smooth operation.