Private Water Supply Services from HighWater

HighWater has built up a considerable body of experience of designing, installing, upgrading, maintaining, consenting and troubleshooting private water supplies and can therefore offer a broad range of associated consultancy and contracting services.

In addition to owning and operating our own borehole drilling rigs, which enables us to have full control of installing new borehole water supplies from the design stage right through to the commissioning stage, we can also offer services in relation to using natural springs and surface water supplies.

We can collect and have analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory water samples to identify potential water quality issues, or to ensure the ongoing efficacy of installed equipment. We have considerable experience in designing and installing water treatment systems for ensuring regulatory compliance. We are Scotland’s only authorised distributor for Shakesby and Sons market-leading iron and manganese reduction filters.

We have a team of dedicated servicing engineers who can service your water treatment, storage and pump equipment. We provide breakdown cover 365 days of the year.